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Chargebacks and the Courts’ Definition of an “Act or Omission”

Yulia Pesin
Publication date:
July 27, 2022
Article Summary: 

The linked blog post discusses the concept of chargebacks in condominiums and explores the courts' definition of an "act or omission" in relation to chargeback disputes. The article explains that chargebacks are financial charges imposed by a condominium corporation on individual owners for costs incurred due to their acts or omissions. It delves into the legal interpretation of what constitutes an act or omission, emphasizing that courts generally adopt a broad definition encompassing both affirmative actions and failures to act. The article provides examples of situations where chargebacks may arise, such as unauthorized renovations or failure to comply with maintenance obligations. It highlights the importance of understanding the legal implications of chargebacks and seeking legal advice when disputes arise. By clarifying the courts' interpretation of acts or omissions, the article aims to provide guidance for both condominium corporations and owners involved in chargeback issues.


chargebacks, condominiums, courts, act or omission, financial charges, condominium corporation, costs, legal interpretation, affirmative actions, failures to act, unauthorized renovations, maintenance obligations, legal advice, disputes, guidance.

Source Citation: 
Yulia Pesin
Chargebacks and the Courts’ Definition of an “Act or Omission”
July 27, 2022
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