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Case Study: Bimini Bay Holds Successful Hybrid AGM with GetQuorum

Publication date:
August 28, 2023
Article Summary: 

The case study discusses how Bimini Bay, a community association in the Bahamas, successfully conducted their Annual General Meeting (AGM) in a hybrid format with the help of GetQuorum. Previously, the AGM had been managed solely by the developers, but this year, the community wanted to hold their first-ever homeowner-only election and meeting. With a majority of owners living outside the area, the community needed a solution to achieve quorum and ensure maximum participation. They decided to use GetQuorum's full-service solution for hybrid meetings, which provided a secure and user-friendly platform for attendees to join virtually and submit their ballots electronically. The GetQuorum team was supportive throughout the process, helping create processes for consent collection and addressing the community's specific requirements. The AGM was successful, with high owner participation and easy management of the meeting and election. Bimini Bay plans to continue using GetQuorum for future meetings and elections.


Bimini Bay, community association, Bahamas, Annual General Meeting (AGM), hybrid format, GetQuorum, homeowner-only election, quorum, maximum participation, full-service solution, secure platform, user-friendly, consent collection, owner participation, easy management, future meetings, elections.

Source Citation: 
Case Study: Bimini Bay Holds Successful Hybrid AGM with GetQuorum
August 28, 2023
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