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Can condos prohibit owners from displaying the Canadian Flag?

Condo Adviser
Publication date:
June 15, 2023
Article Summary: 

With Canada Day approaching, Canadian flags will start appearing in condominiums. Condo corporations may have rules against displaying items on balconies or in exclusive-use yards, which can conflict with residents' desire to show their maple leaf pride. The National Flag of Canada Act encourages allowing the display of the Canadian flag but does not outright prohibit rules against it. To address this, condo corporations can adopt a rule governing the display of the flag, providing guidelines for size, location, and duration of display while adhering to flag protocol. Taking the flag down promptly after the celebration can avoid compliance issues later on.


Canada Day, Canadian flags, condo land, condo rules, National Flag of Canada Act, condominium Act, condo corporations, flag protocol, flag display, maple leaf pride, compliance issues.

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Condo Adviser
Can condos prohibit owners from displaying the Canadian Flag?
June 15, 2023
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