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Bringing Communities Together in the Digital Condo Landscape

Bill Lang, RCM
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In the digital age of condos, online platforms and social media play a crucial role in connecting condominium owners and property managers. A majority of owners prefer online updates and news over traditional methods. Property management firms are embracing platforms like Concierge Plus and Condo Control Central to provide rapid communication, work orders, and amenity bookings. Effective use of social media involves balancing content frequency, exercising restraint in writing, and utilizing technology like videos and pictures to relay information about repairs and maintenance. Building relationships with owners through social media is essential, and managers should engage meaningfully, assess the relevance of their posts, and address complaints promptly. Online platforms also foster community engagement, support volunteer initiatives, and help residents connect with each other in condominium complexes. In the digital landscape, building trust and community through effective communication is paramount


digital condo landscape, online platforms, social media, property managers, communication, updates, community news, property management firms, condominium owners, engagement, technology, videos, pictures, repairs, maintenance, relationships, community building, trust.

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Bill Lang, RCM
Bringing Communities Together in the Digital Condo Landscape
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