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Project Management

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Best Project Planner Tools: Apps, Software & Templates

Megan Keup
Publication date:
February 24, 2022
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Best Project Planner Tools: Apps, Software & Templates

A project planner is a tool that helps keep track of time, costs and tasks through the execution of a project. There are many project planners available online, from notebooks to project management apps. The go-to tool is the Gantt chart, which visualizes projects big and small, simple or complex, in such a way that you can see the big picture. It is a great way to organize tasks, sub-tasks and milestones so you can manage your plan daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or even yearly. Gantt charts are the gold standard project planner, and one that you should be familiar with even if you don't choose to use it.
Task lists are a great way to manage tasks, whether they be daily, weekly or even monthly tasks. They can be offline like a notebook, but there are a lot of software tools that add efficiencies by putting them online. Task lists are best when not dealing with a whole project's worth of work, as they are limited in how much they can structure and integrate with other tools. Some task list programs include Todoist, Trello, and Google Keep. Todoist is a window-based task management software that is used for small personal task lists to larger business-oriented work. Trello doesn't offer Gantt charts, but it is possible to turn your Trello project into a Gantt chart using ProjectManager.


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Megan Keup
Best Project Planner Tools: Apps, Software & Templates
February 24, 2022
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