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Be Mindful of the Basics of Condo Ownership

Mo Killu
Publication date:
October 19, 2017
Article Summary: 

Condo living offers residential ownership without the burden of home maintenance, but it comes with responsibilities. Condo owners should be aware of key aspects of condo ownership to protect their investment and ensure a harmonious community. The top 10 things to keep in mind include having proper insurance coverage, knowing and adhering to the condo's rules and regulations, reporting issues promptly, being a good neighbor and paying common element fees on time. Staying informed, being considerate of communal resources, engaging in community affairs, understanding renovation policies, and providing feedback respectfully are also essential for worry-free condo ownership.


Condo Ownership, Condo Living, Insurance, Rules & Regulations, Community Living, Common Element Fees, Information Circulars, Board of Directors, Renovation Policy, Complaints, Community Engagement.

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Mo Killu
Be Mindful of the Basics of Condo Ownership
October 19, 2017
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