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Back to basics: Part I – Owner alterations to common elements

By Andrea Lusk & An Nguyen
Publication date:
January 30, 2024
Article Summary: 

"Discusses the complexities surrounding owner alterations to common elements in condominiums. The post emphasizes the importance of understanding the legal framework and governing documents, such as the condominium declaration, bylaws, and rules, that dictate the rights and responsibilities of unit owners regarding alterations to common elements. It highlights common scenarios where unit owners may seek to make alterations, such as installing hardwood floors, modifying plumbing fixtures, or adding lighting fixtures, and explores the legal considerations and approval processes involved. Additionally, the post delves into the role of the condominium board and its authority to regulate alterations, enforce rules, and protect the interests of all unit owners. It provides insights into the challenges and disputes that may arise from owner alterations, including conflicts over compliance, damage, and liability, and offers recommendations for proactive communication, documentation, and resolution. Overall, the blog post serves as a valuable resource for condominium owners, boards, and stakeholders navigating the complexities of owner alterations to common elements within condominium communities.


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By Andrea Lusk & An Nguyen
Back to basics: Part I – Owner alterations to common elements
January 30, 2024
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