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Are Your Properties Prepared For Hurricane Season?

Ray Drexler
Publication date:
May 5, 2022
Article Summary: 

In a LinkedIn post, Ray Drexler, Principal and Senior Project Manager at Walter P Moore's Diagnostics Group, urges property owners to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season. He notes that over 60 million Americans live in areas most vulnerable to tropical cyclones and emphasizes the importance of preparing for both wind and water threats. While wind damage is often talked about, flooding can be a more insidious, longer-term threat to coastal communities. Drexler highlights the importance of flood protection programs and working with experts to mitigate risk for property portfolios. He also mentions a white paper outlining flood protection approaches, flood resiliency determination, and risk-associated costs that was written by him and a colleague. Protecting against flooding is becoming more critical than ever, and Drexler encourages property owners to review their protection strategies before the start of the hurricane season.


hurricane season, property owners, wind, water, flooding, coastal communities, risk mitigation, flood protection programs, Walter P Moore, white paper, flood resiliency.

Source Citation: 
Ray Drexler
Are Your Properties Prepared For Hurricane Season?
May 5, 2022
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