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A Guide to Electric Vehicle Charging in Ontario

Bradley Chaplick
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The article discusses the regulations and procedures related to electric vehicle charging systems (EVCS) in Ontario condominium buildings. It covers two main types of EVCS installations: those by condominium corporations on common elements and those by unit owners in their parking spaces. For condominium corporations, the approval process depends on whether the installation cost is above or below 10% of the common expense budget. For unit owners, there's a 2-step approval process involving submitting an application and entering into an EVCS Installation Agreement. The article emphasizes the importance of pre-approved documents, addresses dispute resolution, cost recovery, and offers practical advice to manage the growing demand for EV charging in condominiums.


EVCS, regulations, condominium buildings, approval process, unit owners, installation agreement, dispute resolution, pre-approved documents.

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Bradley Chaplick
A Guide to Electric Vehicle Charging in Ontario
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