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"I hear noise inside my attic, what could it be?"

Brad Gates
Publication date:
February 23, 2021
Article Summary: 

If you are hearing noise inside your attic, chances are you have animals living there. Different types of noise can provide clues about the type of animal present. Raccoons can make heavy walking and thumping sounds, as well as loud chattering noises from their babies. Squirrels can be heard scampering across the ceiling and chewing on wood, drywall, and wires. Mice are nocturnal and make chewing sounds, often beneath the insulation directly on the drywall. Regardless of the type of animal, it's never a good idea to let them live in your attic, as they can cause damage to your property and carry diseases.


noise, attic, animals, raccoons, squirrels, mice, damage.

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Brad Gates
"I hear noise inside my attic, what could it be?"
February 23, 2021
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