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Your Essential Guide to Condo Living: 10 Rights + Responsibilities Every Condo Owner Should Know

If you’re a condo owner in Ontario, you likely already know that owning a condo comes with a unique set of rights and responsibilities. From paying condo fees to participating in important decisions affecting your community, there’s a lot to understand about condo ownership in Ontario.

To help you navigate the ins and outs of condo ownership, our team has put together this essential guide to the top 10 rights and responsibilities of condo owners in Ontario. Whether you’re a new condo owner or a seasoned pro, this guide will provide you with the information you need to be an informed and engaged member of your condo community.

If you’re interested in learning more about condo ownership in Ontario, or want to connect with other condo owners in your community, be sure to register with Stratastic and join our online community of condo owners today! Now, let’s dive right in and explore the key rights and responsibilities that come with owning a condo in Ontario!


10 Rights + Responsibilities Every Condo Owner Should Know

#1: The Right to Vote: As a condo owner, you have the right to vote on important issues affecting your condo community. This includes decisions related to the condo's budget, bylaws, and any other major decisions that affect the community. It's important to exercise your right to vote and participate in these decisions, as it ensures that your voice is heard and your concerns are addressed.

#2: The Responsibility to Pay Condo Fees: Condo fees are an essential part of condo living, as they cover the cost of maintaining and repairing the common areas of the building, as well as other expenses such as insurance and utilities. As a condo owner, it's your responsibility to pay your condo fees on time. Failure to pay your fees can result in late fees, interest charges, and legal action.

#3: The Responsibility to Follow the Condo Rules: Condo rules are in place to ensure everyone can live comfortably and harmoniously. As a condo owner, it's your responsibility to follow these rules. This includes rules related to noise restrictions, parking guidelines, and any other rules related to the use and upkeep of your unit and the common areas.

#4: The Right to Review Condo Documents: As a condo owner, you have the right to access and review condo documents such as the condo declaration, bylaws, and financial statements. This information can help you understand how your condo community is managed, and can help you make informed decisions when it comes to voting on major decisions.

#5: The Responsibility to Maintain Your Unit: As a condo owner, it's your responsibility to maintain your unit and keep it in good condition. This includes making any repairs or upgrades that are necessary, as well as ensuring that your unit is clean and well-maintained.

#6: The Right to Request Accommodations: If you have a disability or special needs, you have the right to request reasonable accommodations from your condo board. This can include accommodations such as a reserved parking spot, an accessible entrance, or any other modifications that will enable you to fully enjoy and access your unit and the common areas. It's important to make these requests in writing and to work with the condo board to find a solution that works for everyone.

#7: The Right to Have Your Concerns Heard: If you have concerns or issues with your condo community, you have the right to have them heard by the condo board and addressed in a timely manner. This can include issues related to maintenance, noise, or any other concerns related to the condo community. It's important to raise these concerns in a respectful and constructive manner, and to work with the condo board to find a resolution.

#8: The Right to Privacy: As a condo owner, you have the right to privacy in your own unit. This means that the condo board, management, or other residents cannot enter your unit without your permission, except in certain circumstances (such with proper notice, in the case of an emergency, or to carry out necessary repairs). At the same time, you also have a responsibility towards your neighbours, which brings us to our next point…

#9: The Responsibility to Respect Your Neighbors: As a condo owner, it's important to respect your neighbors' right to quiet enjoyment of their units. This means avoiding behaviors that could disturb their peace, such as loud music, parties, or other disruptive activities. It's also important to be respectful of your neighbors' privacy and to avoid intruding on their space.

#10: The Right to Access Common Areas: As a condo owner, you have the right to use the common areas of your condo building, such as the gym, pool, and party room. However, it's important to remember that these areas are shared with other condo owners and tenants, so it's important to follow the rules and regulations set by the condo board. This includes rules related to usage, hours of operation, and cleanliness.


You can now understand why owning a condo in Ontario is a significant investment that comes with both rights and responsibilities. By understanding and embracing these responsibilities, you can help ensure the long-term success and sustainability of your condo community.

As a condo owner in Ontario, you have the right to participate appropriately in decision-making processes, access to common areas and amenities, and the ability to request reasonable accommodations if needed. At the same time, you have a responsibility to pay condo fees, maintain your unit, and abide by the rules and regulations of your condo board.

By following these top ten rights and responsibilities, you can be an informed and engaged member of your condo community, and help ensure that your investment continues to thrive for years to come.

-Stratastic Inc.

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Good information for new condo owners, but I want to know what will happen if a condo owner does not follow the rules.🤔 ? I think it would be amazing if consequences were shown too..... Just sharing, lol........

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