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Introducing our Exciting + Educational Collaboration: "Learn About Condos" with Tobi Ogude!

Hey Stratastic Community, are you ready to start off your 2024 with some exciting news? We're just bursting to introduce our new collaborator, who some of you may already be quite familiar with from our latest Community+ post about his industry insights and innovative approach to property management!

Do you know who we're talking about?...


Introducing... Tobi Ogude, founder of LearnAboutCondos!

Hey there! My name is Tobi Ogude, and by profession, I'm a licensed property manager in Ontario. More that that, I’m a man with many different talents, and after many years of figuring out where best to concentrate my efforts, I am proud to announce my partnership with Stratastic to help you, my friends and followers, best understand the sometimes complicated world of Condominiums and real estate in general.

My contributions to this industry will be primarily through the booming platform of TikTok, where my channel, learnaboutcondos will cover topics of Condominium living, Property Management and Community development through an educational approach! 

My journey into the condominium world began almost 20 years ago when my parents, new immigrants of Canada, decided to live in one upon arriving in the country for the first time. Located at Kipling and Rowntree, I had the experience of living close enough to the hood that I was able to understand its lifestyle... but being raised in a condo, I had a different experience than most of my friends. 

I still remember being invited to pool parties where one of my friends broke their kneecap because he thought the jacuzzi was deep enough to dive into. I recall the consistent buzzing of lawnmowers and bush trimmers throughout the summer - they were both annoying and soothing. I would look outside the window wondering if somewhere in the world there was a human as tall as the other condo buildings in our surroundings. These memories helped me have a different perspective on the culture surrounding me and made me more confident in approaching people from all walks of life.

Granted, I never once thought that my future would take me into the world of Condominium Property Management, real estate or even of the idea of maybe one day building one, but I know for sure that it was all part of a bigger and Divine plan. 

So how did I get here? Well, in my previous article, I explained how important it is for a city to inspire the imagination of its rising generation by providing exciting views and attractions for its citizens and guests while solving problems like urban sprawl and density. Real estate, specifically condominiums is one way of doing that. The power in Condominiums is the power of ownership. Yes, Condos are fascinating buildings that build on a city’s landscape and make the view and culture worth it, but, more importantly, Condos can give the rising generation, a new sense of ownership. 

Condos are more accessible ways for which the rising generation can regain control of their sense of ownership and participate in the economy either as owners or investors. Of course, there are regulations and laws (also known as "The Governing Documents" and "The Act") within each independent condo that govern how the condo works, but that shouldn’t deter you from aspiring to achieve this milestone. Myself and the Stratastic team will both be here to guide you every small step of the way!

My hope in taking up the junction of Condominium management and education is to ignite the imagination of our collective condo community to the possibilities of their future and help all of us have a proud sense of ownership that could really lead to financial liberation - just as how I’ve witnessed my immigrant parents and many other people who have taken similar paths.

So, follow the journey by subscribing to Stratastic and following learnaboutcondos on TikTok, because, this is literally only just the beginning!

-Tobi Ogude, Author at Stratastic + Founder of LearnAboutCondos

(Edited by Stratastic Inc.)


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