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Stone v. Simcoe Condominium Corporation No. 112 - 2023 ONCAT 172 - 2023-11-13


SSCC 112


Mon Nov 13 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


In the case of Stone v. Simcoe Condominium Corporation No. 112 (2023 ONCAT 172), the applicant alleged that the condominium corporation failed to enforce its governing documents, particularly regarding a former board member's violations. The Tribunal, represented by a Member, found that certain provisions raised by the applicant were outside its jurisdiction. However, regarding parking and vehicle-related violations, the Tribunal determined that the condominium exercised reasonable discretion and did not fail to enforce its governing documents. The application was dismissed without costs.


CAT Decisions - Decision
Compliance with Governing Documents
Parking and Storage


The Condominium Authority Tribunal, in the case of Stone v. Simcoe Condominium Corporation No. 112, dismissed the application brought by the unit owner, who alleged that SCC 112 failed to enforce its governing documents. The Tribunal found that it had no jurisdiction over certain provisions related to exterior appearance, but regarding parking and vehicles, it determined that SCC 112 exercised reasonable discretion and did not fail to enforce its governing documents. The application was dismissed without costs.


Jurisdiction Limitation: The Tribunal clarified its jurisdiction, emphasizing that it can only address specific types of disputes outlined in the Condominium Act. Not all provisions of governing documents fall within its purview.

Enforcement Discretion: The decision highlighted the condominium board's discretion in enforcing governing documents, stressing that boards are entitled to deference unless their actions are unreasonable or capricious.

Inconsistency Concerns: The case revealed an inconsistency between the declaration and rules regarding trailer parking. The board acknowledged this and initiated efforts to update the declaration to reflect community preferences and eliminate inconsistencies.

Reasonableness of Enforcement: The Tribunal found that, despite the inconsistency, the board acted reasonably in attempting to resolve a specific violation related to extended boat trailer parking, demonstrating that not every infraction requires immediate enforcement.

Recommendation for Clarity: The decision recommended that the condominium board promptly address inconsistencies in governing documents and standardize enforcement practices to avoid confusion and frustration among residents.


Clarification of Governing Documents:

Given the inconsistencies identified in the governing documents, particularly between Article IX 5(d) of the declaration and House Rules 10(c), it is recommended that Simcoe Condominium Corporation No. 112 (SCC 112) promptly address these inconsistencies and bring the declaration up to date to reflect the current wants and needs of the community. This can involve a thorough review and potential revision of the governing documents to ensure clarity and consistency.
Enhanced Communication and Education:

To prevent future disputes and promote a better understanding of the rules within the community, SCC 112 should consider implementing enhanced communication strategies and educational initiatives. This may involve regular updates to unit owners regarding any changes in rules, clarification of existing rules, and educating residents on the proper channels for reporting violations. Clear and accessible communication can help foster a cooperative living environment.
Standardization of Enforcement Practices:

SCC 112 should establish standardized procedures for enforcing governing documents, ensuring that all violations are addressed consistently and fairly. This may involve creating a transparent process for handling complaints, conducting investigations, and applying penalties if necessary. Standardization can contribute to a sense of fairness among residents and minimize potential conflicts arising from perceived preferential treatment.
It's important for SCC 112 to actively engage with the community, address concerns, and work towards creating a harmonious living environment for all residents.

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