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Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation No. 1031 v. Lengyel - 2024 ONCAT 44 - 2024-03-20


MTCC 1031


Wed Mar 20 2024 04:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


In the case of Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation No. 1031 v. Lengyel, the Applicant filed a complaint regarding parking issues against the Respondent, who is self-represented and has a disability, requested an indefinite adjournment due to medical reasons. The Tribunal, led by Ian Darling, denied the adjournment, emphasizing the Tribunal's commitment to accommodating Lengyel's disability while maintaining the integrity of the proceedings. The Tribunal ordered the respondent to join the case by a specified date, with provisions for representation if needed.


CAT Decisions - Motion Order
Compliance with Governing Documents
Indemnification or Compensation
Parking and Storage


The Tribunal's decision highlights the importance of balancing accommodation for disabilities with the timely resolution of disputes. It also underscores the Tribunal's commitment to maintaining fairness and efficiency in its processes.


The Tribunal carefully considers requests for adjournment, weighing factors such as the nature of the dispute and the potential prejudice to either party.
Accommodation for disabilities is a priority, and the Tribunal offers alternatives to in-person hearings to facilitate meaningful participation.
The Tribunal's jurisdiction extends to disputes related to condominium rules and governance, including parking issues.
Confidentiality orders may be issued to protect sensitive personal and medical information submitted during proceedings


Parties involved in Tribunal proceedings should communicate any accommodation needs promptly and work with the Tribunal to find suitable solutions. Additionally, they should be mindful of confidentiality concerns and comply with any orders issued to protect sensitive information.

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